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Why WordPress is great?

May 9, 2013

Having online presence for your business is more and more important in today’s world. Whether you need the website for your business or as a professional who wants an online portfolio or blog to generate enquiries for any products & services, WordPress is the way to go.


WordPress is a fully open source content management system (CMS) started in 2003. ‘Open Source’ which means that thousands of people all over the world are working on it. You can also learn and update the functionalities in wordpress. You can develop your own plugins and share it with your fellow users. It’s a new world of opportunities where nobody obstructs your path. Open source is the only place where your teacher will not come and bang you by saying ‘Why did you do this?’ or ‘Do what i say’. Okay, let’s figure out the great things about wordpress as a CMS for your website or in other words how it will help you to boost up your business.

Setting up your website is very easy:

WordPress itself comes with a wide variety of default themes. You can just activate any of those and your website goes live. See, its pretty simple. But we are humans, we need more and more colors in our life and so in our website. Here the wordpress paves a new way. You can develop your own themes.

The admin dashboard:

 The wordpress admin dashboard  is easy and dependable even if you are not a coding expert. You can create your own pages and posts and publish on the dates of your choice. Yes, even you can schedule to publish on a future date too. The wordpress is using ‘Tinymce’ editor which helps you to write your articles or posts. You can choose your font size, attach images, videos and a plenty of other options.


Plugins will provide you a handful of functionalities inside wordpress. For example, you need to display a couple of events on your website sidebar. A lot of plugins are available to suit your needs. The wordpress community which is available 24*7 will help you choose your best plug-in. Just install and activate!


‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the new word for the marketing of your business. WordPress can easily open your business to the world with its own automatically generated keywords in its powerful CMS. The keywords are the key where the search engines like ‘Google’ will find you or crawl you and place you at the top of its rankings. There are a lot of third party plugins which helps to boost the keyword strength if you want.


These days every person has his own website to expose himself to the world. He wants to express his thoughts, ideas and fantasies to others. No other CMS will suit here except wordpress. You can create an article about your hobbies or gossip about film stars, upload images or videos whatever in a couple of clicks. You can share it with your friends through Facebook, twitter etc. and they may share it too. Thus, your blog will grow up and will become a talk of the town.

Social Media Connectivity:

Social sharing is very easy with wordpress. You can display your facebook/twitter/google+ feeds in your website itself with the help of third party plugins. The visitors of your website may share your articles in a click if they like.

If you are yet to try WordPress, we seriously suggest you to give it a go. If it’s been so long since you worked on a website, you will find and realize what you can do with such a simple interface. If you are looking for any WordPress development help or any other type of design & development or Customization assistance, please feel free to reach out to our team or Contact us at: info@jbkinfotech.com

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