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Why Social Media Is So Important for your Business?

November 4, 2014

Nowadays our life without social media is impossible. Social media is a blur of shares, tweets, Images and content.  No longer is it just used by the young and the restless. It is global and embedded in every corner of the web.  Interestingly, some of the most successful businesses have learnt to use technology to grow towards an edge.  Social media has the ability to divide industries and help companies to open up opportunities that would never have existed. An effective social media presence can create brand awareness, connect with communities and customers.  The following are some of the facts about social media users:

  • 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  • 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage
  • 60 percent of 50 to 60 year olds are active on social media
  • In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media
  • 71% of users access social media from a mobile device.

The benefits of social media marketing:

  • Increased exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Developed loyal fans
  • Generated leads
  • Improved search ranking
  • Grew business partnerships
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • Improved sales
  • Provided marketplace insight

Top 10 listed Most Popular Social Networking Sites:

1. Facebook – 1.07 billion monthly active users

2. Google Plus+ – 540 million monthly active users

3. Twitter – 271 million monthly active users


4. Instagram – 187 million monthly active users

5. LinkedIn – 300 million monthly users

6. VK – 270 million users

7. Tumblr – 110 million active users

8. 92 million active users

9. Pinterest – 70 million users

10. Vine – 40 million users

The power of social media has been felt by the business world. It is a great PR tool. Promote yourself or your business in the most effective manner and share your ideas in social media to get an ideal image towards success and get succeeded.

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