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Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails

October 16, 2013


Nowadays online business is the best way to provide your services globally. For developing a website, several web development companies are ready to serve with best available services.

Developing a website is easier when there are many programming languages like PHP, .Net, JAVA, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails and so on. Some clients ask us why we choose “Ruby on Rails to develop web applications instead of all the other web frameworks and languages? Here is the answer to their query:

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is an Object Oriented Dynamic programming language and combines Syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk–like truly features. Whereas Rails is a Web development framework built on top of Ruby leveraging the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It provides the programmers to develop high level database driven website using simple code generation.

Why Choose RoR?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source full-stack web application framework built on top of the Ruby programming language. With the help of RoR you can achieve greater levels of productivity. You may be wondering how? Its unique design creates domain specific languages very easily.

 Here are some reasons to choose Ruby on Rails for your web application:

  • RoR is easy to learn. It is a truly object oriented programming language with quality code.
  • RoR comes up with rich libraries, which helps in better results with less work and time.
  • The gems are the best plugins for RoR framework.
  • The Fluid readability of Ruby makes it more faster to scan a region of code and acknowledge specifically what it is doing.
  • Database migration is the additional feature of RoR for easy and fast development.
  • Ruby on rails has many more additional features and tools that makes development easy, reliable, faster and more scalable.
  • Ruby on Rails goes hand in hand with “Agile” methodology.
  • By using RoR, we can build Custom web applications because of development speed and rapid changes of the framework.
  • In RoR less code is required to create basic structures such as data fields.
  • Functionality with Rich web services.
  • Highly secure financial applications.
  • Reduced Development Cost.
  • Helpful Community.

When you want to bring about a change in any of the Web application, one has to follow a series of programs like configuration, compilation, deployment, resetting and testing. All these processes take a lot of time. RoR has the ability to create an entire set of Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete operations as well as the views on the database table. All you have to do is just make the change and you can immediately see it working. When you consider all these plus points and the quickness with which things are accomplished, Ruby on rails definitely is a winner. And this has been the unanimous opinion of majority of the web developers across the globe. Thus, Ruby on Rails is the best Web development framework.

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