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Ways To Raise Organic CTR

May 23, 2016

CTR stands for click through rate and it has a huge impact on the ranking system. An organic CTR matters a lot as people clicking on your link and immediately leaving the site wouldn’t fetch you results. More and more visitors should visit your link and should stick to your pages, leading to organic CTR. It is an indication that your site is meaningful and relevant.

Here are few ways to raise organic CTR:

Optimize pages with low organic Quality Scores:
Google search console or Google Webmasters will fetch you the entire report of the performance of your site. Download the entire report and find out the pages that have low CTR. There might be some pages where you have organic CTR and the pages with high bounce rate will ruin them as well. Do not take a risk and work on the pages that have poor quality scores.

Combine your SEO keywords with emotional triggers:
Be it personal life or professional work, emotions have higher values. Emotions serve as a great marketing tool. Emotions like anger, disgust, affirmation, and fear are said to have a huge impact on click-through rates and conversion rates. The brands would have already worked on the title tag, meta description, and keywords. You will have to do extraordinary things to get the attention of the visitors. Use the emotional sword to make your listing stand out.

Work to improve other user engagement metrics:
There are other engagement metrics that can also be focussed upon, apart from click-through rate. The amount of time the visitors spend on your site is very crucial. Higher the bounce, lower is the performance of your site. The other factors that can be considered are the industry from where the visitors land to your site, the location of the visitors, the time of the day, the device used to visit the sites and so on. Along with this, if you have a killer content, your rankings are definitely going to be high. You might not be penalized for your content, but your Google rankings will definitely go down.

Use social media ads and remarketing to increase search volume and CTR:
If you are willing to spend some money on social ads and remarketing display ads, you can create an online presence easily. Most of the people wouldn’t be familiar with your brand initially, and the best is to let them know through the Facebook and Twitter ads. There are high chances of an increase in the conversion rate.

It is always better to stay away from inorganic views as they are going to harm in the long run. You must keep a check on the performance of the websites and try making changes in the pages that has high bounce rate. Do give a thought on the above-said tips and use it to the fullest.

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