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Ways to improve Content Ranking

October 15, 2015

Agreed, content is the king in the digital world. But, can we pen down anything and everything in the name of unique content? Absolutely not! Google is smart enough to identify the tricks. The major updates like Phantom update and Panda Refresh has a huge control over the site rankings. Most of us are so occupied with the ranking process, that we forget to keep ourselves updated with Google releases. If you are one among them, you are committing a great error. It takes ample amount of efforts to get a site ranked, whereas it can be pulled down in a fraction of second. Thus, one must be proactive and change the marketing strategies accordingly. The following are some of the ways to improve content ranking:

Clean up the broken links:

This is the most common mistake that we all make. If there are any broken links, do fix it up. If your site is showing 404 error, get it fixed. These small action of yours can build a positive image There are many tools that can help you to find out the website errors. Validator.w3.org can be used to find out the site errors. The other tools are Screaming Frog, Broken Link Finder and Google Webmaster tool. Keep a constant check on the site errors and rectify it.


Stop syndicating Content:

It isn’t a gentleman’s play to steal other’s’ content and claim the ownership. It is always better to go for original content, no matter how much efforts you got to put into it. Google respects original and fresh content. If you are looking for long term benefits, there is no point in copying the content from other sites. Do not ignore the company blogs. You can hire a freelancer to take care of your content, if you cannot afford a full time writer.

Stop Obtrusive ads:

Getting an ad placed on your page is appreciable, but not at the cost of the users. You need to make the users happy and not bug them. The first thing that you must do is stop the pop-up ads and the banners. They become irritating after certain time. The self-starting video ads must be blocked as they are equally annoying.

Build out Thin content:

Needless to say that, Google prefers quality content. Do not just focus on the home page. Remember, you need to get all the pages indexed. Keywords are important, but let not your entire content be keyword-centric. Do not just stick to the 300 word limit, try adding more words to the content.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Content Ranking adds lots of value to the website ranking. Better the quality of the content, higher is the authenticity of the website. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if we can answer to any of your queries.

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