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Ways to engage the Social Media Followers

November 6, 2015

ways to engage social media followers

Social media is the need of the hour and everyone is into it, right from our politicians to the Swamijis’. It has become a great source of information these days. One can easily post, share, like and comment on any updates on these social media platforms. The social media followers are constantly increasing and one can feel the impact of it. The following are the types of social media followers:

Trendy Followers:

They belong to the category of fads and it is very difficult to keep them engaged. They look for the cool quotient in everything that they do. They are trendy, stylish and cool. They are the influencer, hence one has to be extra careful in dealing with them. Run a campaign on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Let the campaign be related to your brand. It will keep the trendy followers engaged and will also promote your brand. Keep your posts short and sweet. Incorporate videos rather than solely relying on the content.

Attention Seekers:

We all long for attention, don’t we? How can social media be excluded? There are attention seekers who has a wide presence on these platforms. They will be highly active on Facebook, instagram, Twitter and other similar platforms. They will always have something to post, tweet and share with the visitors on their page. They love changing their status frequently. They are hungry for likes and comments on their pictures. Trust me, they are addicted to social media platforms and cannot stay away from it for long. The best way to keep them engaged is to give them the attention they need. Tag them in posts that requires their opinion. Run a contest or campaign to keep them glued.

Choosy followers:

They are difficult to be impressed. They long for information that is beneficial to them or their closed ones. They do not stick to random brands or get easily carried away. They are the loyal ones and will stick to brands that has given them a good experience. If you want to impress these followers, you will have to be thoroughly researched. Provide them with apt information with facts and figures. Keep your title very meaningful. You will also have to be careful with the layouts and designs. Your images should be of high resolution and you need to offer them quality content.

Career Minded followers:

These followers will mostly be active on LinkedIn as they are keen towards their professional choices. They actively participate in Q & A sessions. They share their opinion and will constantly follow the brand if they find it meaningful. Such people can be engaged if you share the experts’ tips and advice. Give them the latest and updated news.

Sociable Followers:

The sociable followers are the ones who are looking for like minded people. They use the social media platforms to connect with people of common interests. They discuss things that are common in the group. You can keep them engaged by involving them in discussion which is informative as well as interesting.

Hope this article has been useful to you. It is vital for a brand to keep their visitors glued to their site. Follow the above mentioned tips and keep the followers engaged. Do share your feedback with US!


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