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Tips for YouTube SEO

October 20, 2015

Search Engine Optimization is a great marketing tool which has fetched results in no time. It is just not meant for text, but also for images and videos as well. YouTube Marketing is an effective way to promote the videos. One can use SEO tools and techniques to build a stronger platform for the videos as well. Below are the few tips for YouTube SEO:

Focus your content:

Videos are just not to engage the users’ but also to educate them with information. Nobody would prefer to watch a business video for entertainment. They would definitely be longing for some information or ideas or an answer from your video. You can add tutorial videos, product review videos or hacks. It is better to avoid sales video as people hate the sales pitch. The content must be engaging and meaningful.

Video Length:

The length of the article definitely has an impact on the user experience. A video of minimum 2 minute is recommendable. The rule still remains the same i.e. higher the time spent on your video, higher is your ranking. The engagement factors are primarily taken into account for YouTube SEO. The comments that the video has received, likes and shares the video has generated, time spent on the video and so on are some of the crucial factors that would add weightage to your videos. Do stick to it.

Keyword Selection:

Who says ,”What’s there in a name?” A name is very powerful in attracting the visitors. Let me tell you that Search Engines do not look into your videos. They judge your video ion the basis of your title. Ensure that your file name is apt to the video. Thus, keyword selection has to be emphasized on. You can add few tags along with the Keywords. Let your primary keywords be used to store the name of the video file.


Video Description:

A brief introduction must be framed after each video so that the users’ can connect with the video. Do not leave the users’ clueless about your video. Do not be completely dependent on the keywords to generate traffic for you. A minimum of 200 words content must be drafted. Ensure that the content is original and informative. Use primary and secondary keywords. Avoid over stuffing of keywords as it will pull down the ranking of your video. The most important task is to add the video link to your website. Pull the visitors from your website to your video.

Utilize Playlists:

Create a playlist for all the videos. You can use synonym keywords for each playlist rather than stuffing it with primary keyword.

Custom Thumbnails:

Custom Thumbnails have a direct control on your video engagement. Choose something which will grab the eyeballs of the users. Prefer bold colors to add effects to your video.

Social Media:

If you haven’t realized the power of social media, it is high time you have started prioritizing them. Sync your YouTube account with your social media account. You do not have to take the pain of manually  posting your new videos every time you release them. Once you sync your YouTube account with social media, the videos will automatically be posted. There are many groups and communities on social networking sites. You can share your video with the relevant group or community. This will increase the online video presence.

Channel Page:

Your channel page is like the cover of your book. It adds to the presentability factors and also helps to build trust. Ensure that you add the profile picture, suitable title and fill out other necessary details. Do not miss the channel image as it adds to SEO factors. You can also subscribe to other similar channels to add weightage to your channel.

Link building:

Your task isn’t over by just creating and uploading videos. High quality links is a must for your channel. Go with social bookmarking, private blog networks, comment links, pinterest pins, Tumblr posts and other such platforms to carry out link building activities.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do follow these simple and effective Video marketing tips and get noticed in the eyes of Search Engines. Let us know your opinion on YouTube SEO and other effective ways to promote Videos.

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