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Tips for successful e-commerce business

December 15, 2015

The eCommerce revolution has already begun. Giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and Snapdeal have tasted success and their bottom line has already increased. The online industry is attracting a lot of investors. With the rise in smart phone users, online shopping has become really simple and easy. The user no longer has to login to desktop, create an account and follow the lengthy procedures. The responsive websites can be easily accessed on any smart phones and the order can easily be placed. However, running an e-commerce business is not an easy task. One has to focus on certain key areas before stepping into online business. The following are few tips for a successful e-commerce business:


Search Bar:

Search bar helps the user to easily find out their desired product. Place the search bar on the upper right corner of the website so that it can be easily located. It is also better to use Suggestive Search. This will offer items which are similar to the user’s search. Corrective search must also be added to the portal. If there is a typo, Corrective search will suggest something similar to the product rather than an error message.

Brand Building:

Your portal should reflect who you are and what services you offer to the customers. People do not want to waste time in visiting an irrelevant site. Brand recognition is a significant factor for your business to be successful. Do not miss out your brand logo and tag-lines. They speak volumes about brand and helps the customers to recollect your brand name.

Focus on design:

The design is the first step towards attracting the users. The designs must be user friendly. Keep it simple and effective. Add features that are relevant to your business rather than opting for the popular ones. Hire a professional to design your website. The website must have a sophisticated look to make it more meaningful. Do not complicate it with too many options.

User-friendly Payment Gateway:

The online business must have a streamlined payment system to avoid the hassle that the users have to undergo while making a purchase. Every penny that the user spends on your website counts. Ensure that you spend on a quality software that will streamline online, retail and mobile payments. A single payment gateway would suffice your purpose. The shopping cart must be intact to avoid the customers from going back and following all the steps again. The cart must be able to store all the orders, irrespective of the devices. There are possibilities that the customers might add products to their shopping cart and make the payment later. If he switches his device, he must be able to locate the orders in his cart. This would save his time.

Best Support:

Support is the essence of any business. The e-commerce business demands exclusive support as there is no physical store for the customers to contact. The customers must have a good experience to continue on your website. You will not only lose a customer but also attract negative reputation towards your brand, if you fail to serve them better. Ensure that their queries are answered on time and the issues are sorted out before they start giving a second thought about your brand.

Thus, if you are planning to start an e-commerce portal, this is the right time. India is witnessing a digital revolution and soon the impact would be higher. Do let us know your views on building a successful eCommerce business.

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