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Tips for effective Content Marketing

February 10, 2014

Content Marketing has become the most efficient and widely used tool these days. The survival of the fittest is so apt for the current business scenario. The war to sustain among the brands is very high. Gone are the days when 7 Ps of Philip Kotler would have given a high turnover. The world is going completely digital and will soon engulf the traditional market. People require apt and valuable information in a short span of time. Content Marketing is playing a strong role in image building. It is an invisible tool, yet helps to build strong rapport with the client. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such social platforms are successful because of the strong communication that the content is igniting. Content is undoubtedly the king of digital Market and there is sole dependency on it. Content Marketing is the most dominating form of advertisement these days. A smaller mistake can screw your brand image. Here are some content writing tips:



Do not start writing randomly. Let the writer inside you plan the content. Frame an outline of your requirement and jot down the important areas that you have to cover. Set your focus keyword keeping in mind the business goals and the objectives. You should also consider the target audience and strategize accordingly. Editing frequently will ruin your content.


Any content with facts and figures is more liked and preferred by the readers. It not shows the expertise but also builds authenticity. Once the plan has been framed, a thorough reading and understanding of the subject matter is a must. Be specific rather than being general. Do a study on your competitors’. Understand their business, keywords, social media presence, tools used and the statistics. This will give a vague idea about their business policies and the target customers.

Relevant Content:

The content should be relevant to your keywords. Google prefers fresh and apt content. Your content must have the command over your thought process and the user should feel connected to it. For example, if a user is looking for SEO firm, your content cannot be talking about tour operators. It can revolve around the keyword once the necessary information has been added.  The content should be plagiarism free and if you have picked up data from other sites, do mention the source.

Add Images:

Visuals are equally important as text. They convey more than the texts and helps the user to easily connect with the article. They make the content more appealing and presentable. You can also add one liners to your image or some catchy captions to grab the attention. Please ensure that the image is of high quality, relevant and original. You can add the source if you have picked it from Internet.

Add Videos:

Isn’t it too boring to read pages and pages of content? Sometimes, simplifying the content is the best way to reach your customers. visuals along with good recording can be equally informative. No wonder, why YouTube has millions of subscribers. Keep your video short and creative. Creativity in any form is always admirable. You can also outsource the video if you want the professional touch.

Share your Content:

This is an effective way to reach the mass. You would definitely want your brand to reach to the public at large. Share on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest and other effective ones. The number of likes and shares will build a content chain. Interaction with audience through these platforms will build the trust.

Thus, Content Marketing can be the best promotional tool if used effectively and sensibly.

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