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Tips to choose your Keywords

May 15, 2015

The entire SEO process revolves around the game of keywords. You might have rich content, awesome information and great command over your language, but this will not be sufficient. When a user enters his query, those words are known as keywords in the language of search engines. The algorithm will instantly display the results which will be keyword centric. The links that exactly matches the keyword or are relevant to the keywords will occupy the top position. Thus, the power lies in the hands of keywords. If your content doesn’t possess keywords, the users will not be able to find your website, resulting to zero visitors or low traffic to your site. There may be possibilities that you might attract the wrong visitors to your site, which in long term will not generate revenues for your firm. One has to invest a lot of time in forming the keywords and choosing the right ones. Here are some of the effective tips to choose your Keywords:

Choose the right phrases:

Keyword doesn’t necessarily mean a single word. It can be a group of words or phrases that is more relevant to the nature of your business. For example, if you are running a web development company, your keywords can be, best website development company, secured web hosting company, affordable web designing company and so on. Remember keyword stuffing is against SEO policy, hence avoid it. It is always better to use keyword synonyms rather than stuffing your entire content with a single keyword.


Creating your keywords:

You might have ample business products and services, but all of them cannot be your main business. There is a primary  product or service. Build your focus keyword considering it. The other secondary keywords can be formed considering the primary keywords. You can also use the Google search tool smartly. Type your keyword in the search bar and the drop down box will present you with some more options that are popularly used by the users’. Pick some keywords from there.

Use Google Analytics:

Wondering, why Google analytics? Yes, it has tools that can assist you in your keyword hunt. Login to your account if you already have one. Create one in case you don’t possess. You will receive a code while signing up for the account. Place that code in your website and set it for verification. Once your account is active, Google will start tracking your account and you can generate the reports. Meanwhile, follow this : Real-time-traffic sources-search-organic – It will list the keywords that are driving traffic to your website. You can add similar keywords further.

Use SEMrush.com:

It is an amazing tool to find out about your competitor’s rank. A business cannot survive without being aware of it’s existing competition. This tool will reveal you the keywords that your competitors are ranked for and also the keywords that they have paid to be ranked. Isn’t it a wonderful tool?

Use long tail keywords:

The long tail keywords are less competitive when compared to the other keywords. They have better chance to be ranked and can fetch you a higher ROI. Prepare a list of long tail keywords and feed them on your pages depending on your requirement.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do let us know if we can assist you in your keyword hunt. Mail us: info@jbkinfotech.com

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