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The Three C’s of Search Engine Optimization

May 16, 2016

SEO plays a significant role in promoting your business and needless to say that almost all the brands have switched to it. It not helps in ranking your website, but also builds credibility. You cannot randomly get into SEO and expect miracles to happen. You need to understand the way SEO works and other technicalities of it.


Here are the 3 C’s of Search engine Optimization:

The entire SEO process revolves around the content. The search engine spiders cannot read the images and videos; hence, the only option is the text. All the pages must have keywords that are visible to the search engine spiders. The sites with frames are another problem as the spiders cannot locate multiple frames. It indexes only one frame before leaving. The spider mainly looks for HTML text as it can be easily read and understood. Thus, it is always better to include the key phrases in Title, Meta description and the web content. You can also bold, underline, hyperlink and italicize the important keywords such that the SEO process becomes easier.

When you develop a website, it is the code that has a major role to play. The entire functionality depends on the way the website has been coded. It is said that spiders do have a problem with certain the type of programming language which is used to develop and manage a website. Thus, it is always better to follow the web standard rules that will help in better designs and a better understanding of the website. If you want to make your website SEO friendly, you need to optimize the source code. Every page must possess Title, Meta tags and ALT Tags. Needless to say that keywords must be a part of all these pages. Your domain name must be keyword centric.

Once you have launched the website, you will attract millions of visitors initially. What if you fail to retain them? The entire efforts will go for a toss. Your website should be unique enough to be pulled out amongst millions of other websites by Search Engines. Thus, building credibility with search engines in vital. You can acquire links that are popular from the relevant industry. Higher the quality of the link better will be your credibility. Avoid link farms as your site might be penalized. Remember, quality is more preferred by search engines that quantity.

Once you are done with these 3C’s of SEO, you next focus should be on conversion. The business runs on sales, hence ensure that you generate leads and get it converted into sales. You can always rely on web analytics to know about the performance of your site. Make the necessary changes as and when required.

Do let us know your experience with SEO process and the changes that you made to earn better credibility in the eyes of Search Engines.

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