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Effective SMO Tools and Techniques

August 12, 2015

The digital revolution has already begun and we all are a victim of it. The brands are left with no choice, but to be a part of it. Whether you like it or dislike it, you need to be active on these social media platforms. You might have toll free numbers, customer care services and email addresses, but nothing can beat the impact of Social Media as a communication tool. The only option that you have is to go for Social Media Optimization. If you neglect these platforms, you are definite to miss a huge chunk of customers. Here are some of the effective SMO tools and techniques:


Give an easy access:

You might have unique and informative content on your social media platforms, but it cannot guarantee you results. The posts must have maximum likes and must be easily shared. The user will not take the pain of sharing your post if it is too complicated and time consuming. You can optimize it by adding one-click tagging, sharing buttons and bookmarking it. This will ensure that your efforts are not wasted and it reaches to maximum audience. People will be forced to visit your site or subscribe to your blogs if they find it interesting and meaningful.

Link it:

Social Media is all about sharing information and updates about a brand, event or individuals. When you update your status or post an article or create an event, do not forget to share your link. There are users who would like to know more about your posts, give them an option to visit the link. This will save the users’ time along with giving him a good experience.

Be Warm:

As human beings, we all love being accepted and appreciated. Being treated as a stranger is the last thing that we can think of. Acknowledge people who have taken the pain of sharing your posts, reply to the comments, participate actively on other pages as well, thank people for re-tweeting and be warm on these social media platforms. Remember, this is an online forum and all your actions are public. Thus, use social media to reciprocate the trust and faith that the consumers implant towards the brand.

Know your Competition:

You must stay updated and constantly keep an eye on your competitions. A business will succeed only if you can out-beat your competitors’. Keep a check on their activities, their posts, number of likes, shares, tweets, communication tone and so on. This will throw an insight on their strategies. Do not try following the same, but do modify your style and go with the market trend.

Post compelling content:

Let your content cast magic on the readers. Let it compel people to think and recommend your site to the fellow users. Add some call to action at the end. The content is the king and it definitely makes a difference. You do not have to be frequent with the posts, but do make some sense with your updates.

Let us know about your SMO tools and techniques and your way of handling Social Media. We appreciate our readers’ for visiting our blog and would love to get their feedback.


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