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Simple steps to create a website

December 29, 2015

If you own a business and still haven’t created a business website, it’s high time you gave a thought about it. The business world is changing and digital era has already begun. People want information in nanoseconds and the idea of being in queue is unacceptable to the mass. A website is the best way to update people about your products, services, policies, blogs and other  business related things. Here are simple steps to create a website:

how to create a website

Domain Name:

You need to select a domain name which is relevant to your brand. It is better to go with .com until and unless you are planning only for local presence. You can explore sites like godaddy.com, makewords.com, nameboy.com and so on. Purchase a domain name. You might have to renew it annually. Check it before proceeding further.

Hosting package:

There are various web hosting companies offering numerous packages for hosting purposes. Some of them also offers free hosting, however you got to be little careful about it. Choose the services depending on your needs. Godaddy.com, Bluehost.com and Hostmonster.com are some of the popular ones.

Website Template:

Once you have followed the above 2 steps, you have to choose the web template. Focus on your business needs and decide how you would want your content to be. The sections that you want at the left side, the advertisement space (in case if you are running a blog) and so on. There are free templates offered by certain sites. You can opt as per your business needs.

Website Design:

There are many softwares which are user friendly and can be used to design the websites. Amaya and Bluefish are some of the platforms that can be used to edit your website design. Check them out!

These are the basic steps to create a website. However, it is always better to seek a professional help if you have a voluminous business and are aiming to generate a higher traffic.

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