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Ways to improve WordPress Safety and Security

July 15, 2013


WordPress is the most preferred blogging and CMS system on the web. This is also disadvantageous as it becomes an easy target of hackers. People say WordPress is Secure, its hundred percent correct but its secure if you are aware of how to make it secure. Having a WordPress web site means you’ve got to require some additional efforts to safeguard your data and your guest’s data.

The following are some of the ways to improve WordPress Safety and Security:

Update WordPress and plugins regularly:

Always keep your WordPress site version updated. It is very vital to stay your core WordPress files and every plugins’ updated to their latest versions. Most of the new WordPress and plug-in versions contain security patches. It is important to have them fixed on regular updates.

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • From the Dashboard click Updates.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to update your WordPress website

Use secure FTP to transfer data and Enable SSL:

Whenever you connect FTP to your FTP server use SFTP. Secure FTP is usually considered over FTP, as a result it uses Secured version of FTP Protocol for data transfer. Logging into WordPress through encrypted channel can give another layer of protection. Make sure to check with your hosting provider to see if you have an SSL certificate.

Don’t use “admin” as your Username:

Most of the attackers can assume that your admin username is “admin.” During installation of your WordPress, change the default username from “admin” to something else. Selecting a unique username apart from admin is equally vital as choosing a strong password.

Use Strong passwords:

You will be shocked to understand that thousands of people use phrases like “password” or “123456” for his or her admin login details. Needles to mention, such passwords will be simply guessed. An honest tip is to use characters at random. Avoid names and words. Just follow these straightforward rules to choose up a robust password:

  • Use character set characters (Alphabets and numeric).
  • Use each uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use Special symbols in between.
  • If you recognize 91221 languages then use it in your passwords. it’d be extremely a robust secret.
  • Your secret should be a minimum of eight characters long.

Limit Login Attempts:

It is vital to limit the access to your WordPress admin area only to people who are important. If you would want to access your admin area from any IP address limiting your admin area to one single IP or to few IPs will be inconvenient. In such cases we have a tendency to limit the number of incorrect login attempt to your web site. Limiting the number of login attempts from a single IP address can thwart some hackers, especially if your site has been targeted by a brute-force attack people trying to guess your password. You can use a nice little plug in called Limit login attempts.

Ensure your computer is free of viruses and Malware:

Ensure your Desktop, PC, Laptop is free from viruses and Malware. If your PC is infected with virus or a Malware software system, a possible offender will gain access to your login details and make a login to your website bypassing all the measures you have taken before. This can be why it’s vital do have associate up-to-date anti-virus program and keep the security of all computers you utilize to access your WordPress website on a high level.

Choose a Secure Web Hosting:

It’s a better idea to choose a web hosting company that specializes in WordPress sites. Some basic security measures for a good web host offers are:

  • Support for the most recent PHP and MYSQL versions
  • Account isolation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion detection system

Regular Backups:

It’s mandatory task and the one that’s often neglected. It’s a significant step even though you’ve taken all the acceptable security measures. Thankfully, there’s an incredible plug-in that automates the task and removes the mundaneness – BackUpWordPress. It’s an amazing plug-in that’s known amongst the WordPress community for its simplicity and easy use.

Thus, this will help all users and website owners to re-check their security issues in website. It’s necessary to say that these measures guarantee a 98% protection against hacking tries, because 100 percent secure web site does not exist.

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