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Responsive Web Design – the need of the hour

October 23, 2012

Are we trying to reach out all the potential customers? Can the possible Customers notice you from Mobile devices? Can the customers submit business queries and complaints from their mobile devices? Do you have to maintain separate versions of your websites for mobile, tablet and computers? All these questions demands an answer.

Undoubtedly, nowadays we tend to live in an era of technology where communication devices are evolving every day on a daily basis. It is becoming difficult for webmasters to develop a unique website for simple navigation and reading across completely different devices.



The Responsive design  style  may be a straightforward and helpful answer to the current issue. The concept of creating and placing content permanently on a web-page with a certain browsing resolution or width is a thing of the past.

Responsive web design is a development in the field of web designing. It aims to supply users with finest viewing expertise in terms of reading and navigation across variety of devices by reducing resizing, scrolling and panning needs. It includes diverse and versatile grids and layouts, wise use of css media queries and pictures with the assistance  of this technology, once a user switches from the laptop computer to a mobile or an tablet,  the only compatible website version automatically adjusts the resolution, scrolling abilities and the image sizes. This helps to eliminate any further need for developing countless custom made solutions for each specific device.

Advantages of using Responsive Web design:

  • Reach out the utmost range of prospective customers.
  • Be future ready and convey an image of a modern and smart company
  • Customer will send enquiries or complaints from mobile devices
  • Contributing factor to customer satisfaction
  • Go ahead of your Competitors
  • Sales persons can present website contents from their mobile devices.
  • No worry about non supported devices.

Responsive web design is the need of the hour. Web designers can use it like a viable instrument to attract and arrest the attention of consumers. Thus, the technology can be instrumental to trigger and increase the profit ratio of a Business house.

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