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Reasons To Be Away From Facebook

May 10, 2016

Too much of anything is good for nothing, isn’t it? Facebook was a craze once upon a time and today it has become a cause of depression. The younger generation is too tired of this social media platform such that they want to be away from Facebook. In 2013, the number of Facebook users’ declined dramatically.

Here are few reasons to be away from Facebook:

Who Cares?
If you think you are grabbing attention by being super-active on Facebook, guess, you are not! Who cares whether you are at a concert or watching a movie or chilling out on a weekend? People have their own life and they are too busy in it. Yes, you might earn some likes and comments, but, truly, who cares?

Your private life is no longer private when you update about whereabouts, work profile, relationship status, family events and so on. You might be stalked by your exes, employers, and relatives. Facebook doesn’t have the option to hide your name when being searched upon. The only way to maintain your privacy is to block people. But, isn’t that rude? You can either limit your participation on Facebook or quit it completely.

If you have parents who are active on social media platforms, you have high chances of being stalked. Imagine your dad sending you a friend request? Would you accept just to keep him posted about your activities or decline which would raise a thousand questions? A tough situation, isn’t it?

Spreads Negativity:
Research has proved that Facebook users are more negative in life than the non-users. There are posts and pictures about success, achievements, friendships, and relationships. You may not be a part of it or may not be going through good times. The moment you see those notifications, you tend to feel low about self. So, why stress so much when you have the option to be away from Facebook? Life has better reasons for you to smile.

Unwanted Pictures:
You definitely do not want all your pictures to be shared on Facebook. Unfortunately, your parents or friends might share some of your rarest pictures? What next? You would surely not want your partner or colleague to have a look at those pics. Unfortunately, you will not have much choice.

There are several other reasons to be away from Facebook. If you want some peaceful and real time in your life, delete your account and see the difference. You can at least try deactivating your account for few days and try breathing without Facebook. Yes, your friends might question you, but, who cares!

Do share your feedback with us and let us know if it was worth being away from Facebook.

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