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Quick SEO checklist for a new website

January 20, 2016

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When you newly create a website, do not sit and be relaxed. There are many SEO factors that must be considered. A quick SEO check will save you from getting a negative rank. Here is a quick SEO checklist for a new website:

Page Speed:

A greater page speed scores a higher ranking. It not only helps to attract more visitors, but will also be noticed by Google and other search engines. If your site takes too much time to load, be prepared to face a high bounce rate. The slow page speed will take away the visitors’ interest and they will never dare to visit your site. Hence, do check your page speed.

Mobile Optimization:

Today, people are highly active on smart-phones rather than desktops as they are easily accessible from any corner of the world. They are just not meant for voice calls. Smart phones have become  major source of surfing. If your website isn’t easily accessible on smart-phones, you have a high chance of losing visitors. Your website must be constructed in responsive manner. It must be equally optimized. Ensure that the text is readable and the images are visible. If you have added any forms, double check the call to action forms.

Indexed pages:

Once the website is created, you must ensure that all the pages are indexed. The  search engines must crawl your content so that it appears in the search list. You can add sitemap to your website with the help of tools like Google Webmaster. You do not have to take the pain of submitting every link to search engines, the site maps will automatically take care of it.


If there are any old or broken links, ensure that they are redirected to the proper site. The most common error is 404 error and ensure that your website isn’t a victim of it. This error will definitely take away the interest of your visitors.

Internal linking:

We are so focused on the content such that we forget to internally connect the pages. Yes, I am talking about internal link building. Let your visitors know that you have ample information for them to collect from your site. It will add to the credibility of the site as well.

Algorithm standards:

The algorithms keeps changing and they are the major reasons behind the ranking system. You must qualify the updated algorithm standards to appear in the eyes of search engines. If you design your website as per the old algorithms, your marketing efforts will go for a toss. Hence, educate yourself with the new trends and build your site accordingly.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do cross-check the points before your website goes live. Let us know your feedback!

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