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Old SEO Methods that You Need To Be Stop

May 5, 2016

Google is smart and it keeps changing the rules. If you have been using the old SEO methods and are still expecting the results, hold on, you need to stop these methods right now. Good marketing is the key to success and you need to upgrade the marketing tools to make it meaningful.

SEO Concept

Here are few old SEO methods that you need to re-considered:

Article submissions:
You might have been too busy sharing the EzineArticles, such that you would have lost your focus on anything. Link building had never been easy, but you need to work on quality links. Focus on a guest post that adds value to your website.

Press Releases without News:
Press releases are usually carried out to inform the stakeholders regarding new product launch, event or other services. If you are opting for press releases just to be in the limelight, you are wasting a lot of time. You will not be able to impress the public for a longer time. Thus, have a news for a press release!

Reciprocal linking:
Link exchanges worked once upon a time, but it is no longer reliable. Reciprocal links aren’t a great way to promote your work. Google is strictly against two-way linking system and if you are caught, your site would be penalized. Are your prepared for it?

Creating Thin Content:
If you have copied the content or have edited the content from other sources, the Google algorithms are sure to find it out. If you have outsourced your content, you must ensure that the person knows the SEO rules. Over stuffing the keywords or content with no keywords will pull your site down. Also, if your content is repetitive and if there is no creativity in it, you will not be able to grab the attention of the visitors.

Focusing only on Google:
Most of us are so obsessed about Google such that we ignore the other search engines completely. Remember, Google is just a medium and not the only source. There are other search engines such as Yahoo and bing where you must promote your website.

Ignoring Social Signals:
Almost all the websites have social sharing buttons these days. But, are you paying a heed to the warnings? It is one of the greatest sources to collect primary feedback from the users. You can also collect data from these social media platforms. If you haven’t focussed on social signals, do start monitoring it. They are highly useful in building strategies.

Implementing tactics without any strategy:
Do not follow the herd blindly. Are you into SEO just because everybody is into it? If you aren’t sure about your objectives and results, no marketing tools will be effective. Have a strategy before you follow the SEO trend.

Thus, stop the old SEO methods and start following the new marketing trends. Your marketing tool will only be effective if you carry it the right way.

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