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Necessity of blogs for business

May 8, 2014

Blogs are websites which frequently updates their content and are keyword centric. They provide information related to a particular category or topic. For example, a blog related to health will provide all the health related articles and not anything related to Information Technology or Architecture. Blogging is an integral part of marketing, whether you agree or disagree. With a rise in online marketing business, blogging has also found its way at the top. Today, every corporate has its blog page and they keep updating it with information. A special content writing team is hired to handle blogs and comments related to it. Blogs have a vast impact on businesses’ and has become a necessity these days. Here are the benefits of blogs:

Drives Traffic to the website:

A website needs visitors for its survival. There are millions and millions of sites created everyday but they die due to lack of traffic. Blogs builds a platform to connect the customers and the firm. They share the relevant content which the customers are in need of, thus driving more and more traffic to the site. The links can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on as part of marketing drive. The potential readers may turn to potential customers.

Increases your Seo rankings:

Necessity of blogs

Fresh content is the king and the entire SEO process revolves around it. There are n number of websites which has the similar content to that of yours. Google finds it difficult to distinguish and rank the sites. Blogging comes in rescue. Use keywords that are relevant to your business. When the particular keyword is being  searched, google will recommend your website if you have relevant and unique content. Updating your blogs with new articles is a sure way of increasing your SEO rankings. Try it out!


Builds Authenticity:

It is mandatory to upgrade oneself with latest news and information to stay ahead in the market. The rule applies both for the corporates and the customers. Blogs help to build trust between the company and client as it throws the required information whenever required. The customers will definitely come back for more info as they will bookmark it as source of reliable information. Blogs are also a proof that company’s are aware of the latest trends and are just not sticking to obsolete methods. There are public comments and replies to the articles which will benefit the other viewers’ as well. The readers can pose any question and get the answers from experts which is an additional benefit.

Saves Time:

When a new article is being published, the users will automatically be updated through social media and mailers. If a user has subscribed to the blog, he will receive an update.The company needn’t waste time on promotional activities again & again. Meanwhile, the clients would also return to the same blog for information, thereby saving their time.

If you haven’t focussed on blogging, start giving a thought about it. Your brand has to be distinguished from others and what better way than posting informative articles. Trust is essential to retain the customers and blogs can build trust. Start blogging!

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