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Must Follow Internet Safety Tips

May 21, 2016

A life without Internet is not a life at all. It has become a part of our lifestyle so much that most of the tasks are incomplete without it. Be it our smartphone or laptop, we need an internet connection to it. If you are internet-savvy, you must follow certain safety tips:

Setting your password:
Cyber crimes are rising and passwords can easily be hacked. You must set a password that cannot be guessed easily. You password must be a mix of letters, alphabets and characters. The other option would be to change your password once in every two months. You need to be extra careful with banking passwords. Do not save your passwords on your systems.

Social Media Settings:
If you are highly active on social media, it is high time you maintained a low profile. You do not have to make your personal life as pubic. Why give a hint to burglars whether you are in city or not? Why talk about your recent relationship or purchase of a new car or reveal anything personal? Yes, social media sites are for networking, but you need to be cautious about it. It is better to play safe.

Use Anti-virus:
There are certain links and files that transfer viruses into your system. You need to be careful when you download any material from the internet. A virus might corrupt your files and data. Purchase a strong anti-virus that can safeguard your system against viruses. You can initially try with free anti-virus.

Shop from secured websites:
Online shopping is on rise and eCommerce business is on the boom. More and more people are comfortable shopping online and there are several modes of payment. If you are using debit cards or credit cards, it is wise to shop with trusted and secured websites. Check for SSL – https://. If a link has SSL – https://, it is an indication of a genuine site.

Public Wifi:
If you are connected to a public Wifi, do not make financial transactions. Hackers can easily use your credentials to their advantage. Your risk is slightly less if you are using a VPN, however, it cannot be guaranteed.

Delete your history:
Heard of cookies? Yes, they tend to store all the browsing details. Once you are done with your work, clear all the cookies. Delete the entire history by using the options in the menu bar. You will have to enter the details again when you visit the websites, but, that’s fine.

Thus, the internet has both pros and cons. All you need to do is be extra careful while using the internet power. Do follow these simple internet safety tips and protect yourself from hackers.

Do share your feedback with us and let us know other internet safety tips.

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