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Mobile Optimization and SEO practices

October 29, 2015

mobile optimization

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and it consumes most of our time. Smart phones these days have become a major source of information. No longer people are dependent on tablets, laptops or desktops to toggle for information. This has raised a need for mobile optimization. The site design, structure, page-speed and content must be compatible with the smart phones. A responsive website attracts more visitors.  A responsive website customizes itself as per the layout of the device.

Mobile SEO practices:

The following are some of the factors that one must consider while going for a responsive site:

Page Speed:

You must concentrate more on page speed for mobiles than desktop versions. Minify the code and it is better to reduce the redirects as it is time consuming. Emphasize on browser caching. Optimize all the images to save the loading time.

Site design:

Always prefer HTML5 instead of flash as all the users’ may not have this option on their phones. It is better to discourage pop-ups for your mobile phone devices as they tend to become irritating at times. Ensure that your icons and buttons are not too big or too small as you need to consider the touchscreen factors as well.

Site configuration:

This is the most important decision one has to make while opting for a responsive site. Decide whether you want to go with dynamic serving or you would prefer a separate site configuration.

Use schema.org:

Schema.org will allow the webmasters to embed the structured data on their web pages. This is very useful, especially when the space is very limited.

Do not block images, CSS or Javascript:

A decade ago, the mobile phones didn’t accept these platforms, hence they were blocked by webmasters. But, today the scenario has changed. The users’ do not want to be differentiated on the basis of devices. They want the same experience as the desktop users’ get. Thus, do not block them or try hiding them. This might affect your ranking as well.

Optimize your meta data:

There is always space constraint on mobile devices, hence you have to be choosy with your meta titles, tags, keywords and meta description. Try to be very precise and apt. Let the visitors get an understanding of your site in the beginning itself.

Hope this article has enlightened you with valid information on Mobile Optimization. Do consider these factors when you are designing a responsive website. Let us know if you have any query related to responsive website or mobile optimization.

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