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How to Manage Your Online Reputation

July 23, 2015


Having a control over your reputation is the most important thing that can favor you a good brand image. A positive Reputation can be a self promotional tool. People will definitely trust your brand and will opt for your services. However, you might be risking your business if you have a negative online reputation. The consumers are proactive and will cross-check the trust factor before opting for your services. Here are few tips to manage your Online Reputation:

Choose your Medium:

There are ample social media platforms where you can create your business account and stay connected to your audience. However, there is no point in just  being a part of these networking sites if you aren’t active on it. Choose the platforms where you can frequently visit and keep it updated. You can either use blogs, facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedIn, Instagram and so on as your communication platform. These are the globally used social media platforms and will keep you connected to the followers irrespective of the geographical distances. Do not dare to neglect these websites irrespective of having a good brand image. We all know businesses are subjected to risks and can hamper your reputation at any time.

Prioritize it:

You might have various other tasks to do, park them aside and finish your social media tasks on a priority basis. The first task should be posting on your social media platforms. There are users who would want to know about the brand. It is better you update them about your brands rather than other sources doing it. People do not want to waste even a single minute on your page if they do not find it informative or interesting. Do keep your posts short & meaningful, add relevant images, upload some videos, add events and other things that would connect you to the audience.

Respond quickly:

These platforms are definitely used by the users to post their queries, track their orders or raise an issue. If you do not respond on time or just ignore their queries, you are surely inviting trouble. Your response time speaks volumes about your brand and the services. There are exclusive social media departments that attends to social media queries and  issues. When you assist the customer and give them a good experience, you assure them that the brand cares for them.  The user in turn will ensure that he sticks to your brand and shares the experience with family and friends. The same goes when he has a bitter experience with your services. Be careful!

Let them speak:

Be a listener rather than a speaker. Allow your customers to speak as much as they can. Do not shut them out, get feedback from them and encourage them to share their opinion. There are times when you may not like their opinion or the mere way of expressing their views, just hold on and do not react instantly. You can listen and thank them for their views, rather than becoming aggressive and yelling at them. If the fault is from from the company, just apologize and rectify the mistake.

Be Creative:

There is no point if you aren’t unique with your approach. To grab a position in the user’s mind, you need to be creative and try different things to attract people to your brand. You can run a contest, ask for their opinions, pose them some questions, appreciate them publicly and reward them. This will make them feel connected to the brand and they will actively visit your website for more updates and information. For example: Zoomin.com rewards the first time customer with a free flip book, wherein the user is allowed to upload his pictures, customize them and get a hard copy of it. If you haven’t logged in from a longer time, they might gift you with some purchase coupons as an invitation to be back to their website. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can also use blogs as a medium to build your online reputation.

Use these simple and basic tips to build a positive online reputation. Let us know your opinion and experience about your online reputation management tricks. We would love to hear it from you.

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