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Influence of Social World On Branding

January 25, 2016


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Gone are the days when traditional marketing tools were ruling the business environment. People had limited resources and information. There was absolutely no balance between demand and supply. People bought what was sold in the market. There is a digital revolution in the business world these days. The manufacturers produce what the consumers demand. People have become more advanced and look for information before making a decision. It is not tough to dig information these days. A single click and off you go. The social world these days have huge impact on brand building.They can fetch you revenues apart from building a positive online reputation. The following are some of the ways:

Reviews and ratings:

Don’t we all wish to know how is the brand perceived in the market? Yes, we do. The opinions of others plays a vital role before opting for any product or service? Reviews can be your best buddy to promote your brand. You can ask your customers to review your product or service online or use the bulletin boards to pen down their thoughts. The ratings are another way to measure your brands. They are usually scaled on 1- 5.  A rating between 4-5 is considered the best. The rating depends upon the factors such as quality, quantity, service, usage, ambiance and other such factors. Do focus on your ratings and improve them.

Number proofs:

Facts and figures can describe your business. They are self explanatory and speak volumes about your brand. A higher number definitely means a good brand image. You can use these numbers to  build your brand image. You do not have to give exact numbers, but you can mention some approximate figures.  Example: Satisfying 1 billion customers, 2000+ clients across the globe, pleasure to have 1 million followers and so on. It helps to increase the authenticity and people will gradually turn as your customer.

Social Networking:

Ah! the buzz word which has created the swirl in the business world can be none other than Social Networking. Networking in all the forms is the driving force behind the success of an individual or an organization. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, reddit etc. has a worldwide presence. One can post events, comment on any status, update photos, appreciate fans, run contests and what not using these social platforms. A tweet can better communicate with the public in just 140 characters. Such is the power of Social Networking.


Want your good work to be recognized publicly? Testimonials are the surest way to get recommendation from the customer and build a platform for others to trust you. Remember the orkut days, when we all loved those testimonials written by our friends. If you had been successful in bringing a smile on your client’s face, request him to pen down some words for your brand. Share those testimonials on facebook and tag people. Let it be viewed by others.

Do let us know if you have found this article informative. I am sure these simple tips will definitely be effective in your branding. Do try them out if you haven’t.

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