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Importance Of Alexa Rank

January 27, 2016


Every website aims at generating traffic and increasing their conversion rate. The companies use various methods to get their names listed in the search engines. Online Marketing is the most important source to get the financial success of the business. There are various tools associated with online marketing that helps in defining the success of the business. Alexa rank is one such tool that measures the popularity of the websites.

Alexa.com is a subsidiary of  Amazon.com which ranks the website based on the visitors. The reach and page views are the two major parameters that is considered for Alexa rank. The number of time the Alexa users visits the particular website is termed as reach. The number of times a particular page is viewed is referred to as page view.

Alexa Ranking process:

The ranking process involves the calculation of reach and page views of all the websites on daily basis. The geometric mean of reach and page views is calculated. A time frame of 3 months is considered on an average. The user has to install the Alexa tool-bar in the browser for the tracking to begin. This tool will display the rank at a global level. When a web page is visited via the web browser, an information will be sent to the central server along with the IP address and the web page. Thus, data is collected in this manner from all the web browsers which has the Alexa tool-bar installed. The lower the numerical number of your website, higher is the Alexa ranking.

Benefits of Alexa Ranking:

  • It serves as a tool to understand the competition on the basis of number of visitors.
  • It helps the marketers’ to understand the business perspective in a better way. A good Alexa rank will lure more advertisers.
  • It helps you to understand your website in a better way. One can find out the reasons for low traffic and make the necessary changes.
  • Alexa treats blogs and pages in the same manner as it treats the websites.

Disadvantages of Alexa Ranking:

  • Many people aren’t aware of the Alexa tool-bar. Hence, if you do not have the Alexa tool-bar installed, millions of sites will not be considered for rankings.
  • The sub-pages and sub-domains are not ranked exclusively.

Ways to increase your Alexa Ranking:

  • Do not forget to install the Alexa tool-bar on your browser.
  • Allow Alexa Widget to be added to your website.
  • If you run a blog, do post article about Alexa and related articles. Share the link to various platforms.
  • Let your URL be added to your signature. It will help you to get more traffic.
  • Use Alexa Redirect. It will count the clicks of your redirected links even if the visitors does not  have Alexa tool-bar installed.
  • You can optimize your site using the Alexa keyword.
  • Do share all your posts and content to social Media platforms. You must have a presence on Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Hope this article has been a good read. Do share your feedback with us or let us know if you have  some tips for a better Alexa rank.

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