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How to create a perfect Call to Action:

February 13, 2016


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If you have keenly observed a website, you must have come across words like “Book an appointment, “ Subscribe”, “Call Now” and other such words that would have immediately grabbed your attention. They are referred as CTA or Call To Action which are meant to provoke  the users’ to take an instant action. If you haven’t prioritized CTA, you are truly missing out on a major chunk of your conversion rate. Here are few tips on how to create a perfect call to action:

Placement of CTA:

The  font and color of your call-to-action also has an impact on the consumer’s’ mindset. The first and foremost rule is that it must be distinct from the rest of the content. It must be visible to the visitors. If you are placing your CTA at the top, the visitors are definitely going to ignore it.  Place it at the bottom of the landing page or at the right side of the landing page.

Benefit the visitors:

Your CTA should be such that it should add value to the users. It must benefit the users. Until and unless the user finds it beneficial, they will not proceed with a click. Thus, create a beneficial impact on the visitors.

Lure them with offers:

The best way to create a brand presence is to show your gratitude to the visitors. Wondering how to do it? Offer them a free e-book, a free sample product, a training video and so on. This will increase your credibility as well as add value to the visitors.

Evoke Curiosity:

If people are curious, they would want to know more and more. Your CTA should be framed in such a way that the prospect would be curious to know more about your product or service. He cannot resist the temptation to proceed with the click. Research says that emotional triggers such as trust, surprise, fun and so on have a lasting impact on the human brain. Also use persuasive words like bonus, free and instantly to trigger the visitors’ mind.

The sense of belongingness:

Follow the Social Proof Mantra. A social proof is a concept wherein people would take action considering what others have done. They do not want to be left out from the crowd, hence will follow the trend. You can let the visitors know on your product users, satisfied customers, email subscribers and other details that would talk about the popularity of your brand. This will add weightage to your site.

These are some of the effective tips that can add meaning to your CTA. Do keep these tips in mind and use them on your website. Do share your experience with us.

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