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Five useful ways to create content for service and product pages

May 25, 2016

A content is vital for every website. Be it the content for a website or product descriptions or blogs, you need to be very creative to draw the attention of the visitors. A dull and uninformative content leaves a bad impact on the business as a whole. You need to have different ways of writing for product as well as service pages. Do not follow the same writing style. Here are few ideas to help you out:

When you visit a physical store to buy a product, what are the basic queries that you ask the shopkeeper? When you are looking for some of the services, what is it that draws your attention? The same rule applies to the web content. Your content should give all the information about the product, right from the features to the prices. When you are mentioning about the services, it must talk about the support, the time frame, cost and so on.

Create a sense of urgency:
Your content should be so alluring that it should force the visitors to make an instant purchase. You can create a sense of urgency, but do not make the buyer feel that the product will be out of the market once a purchase is made. The visitors can either sign-up to your newsletters or make a wish list for the product. You can also talk about other offers and discounts.

Continue to brainstorm:
Your employees are the first customers. You can ask them why would they purchase the products, what are the features they are looking for, what draws their attention and so on. You can hire some research firms to find out the purchase pattern of the customers. Thus, based on the response you can build your content wisely.

The takeaway:
Let your content be interactive. It should be written in such a way as though it is speaking to the visitors. You can write interesting summaries rather than the same boring product descriptions. You can also be choosy with the images as well. You must ensure that the visitors can directly land on the product pages rather than reaching elsewhere. The other important focus should be on the keywords. Whenever there is a search for the product, your link should appear.

You must assure your visitors through the content. If it is a service page, ensure that you talk about constant support and round the clock services. If it is a product page, ensure that you talk about quality, timely delivery and durability of the product.

Thus, content is the king and it is a powerful tool to be used. You can use it to the fullest for your product as well as service pages. Do use the above-mentioned tips and let us know the feedback.

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