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Factors to be considered for Business Blogs

August 6, 2014

No longer blogs are just opted from a hobby perspective, today it has become a business need. Communication has become vital between the company and the consumers. Transparency is the demand of the business world. In such scenario what better way of communication than business blogs. It serves as a communication portal between the consumers and the brands. Remember, you got to be very specific and quality oriented with your content. Here are a few business blogging tips:

Choosing your blogging platform:

You need to know what you wish to achieve from your blogs. There are multiple blogging platforms which promises you to provide a comfortable writing environment. They have distinguished features to cater to your needs. Content Management platforms like wordpress,  blogger, Tumblr have been quite successful as a blogging platform. However, picking one among them is really challenging. Compare each of these in terms of widgets, plugins and performances before launching your blog.

Decide a Theme:

There are many templates provided by the content management systems, which can be used as per the requirement of the users. They offer both paid and free versions. Before clinging to any theme, think what would you want to convey to your readers or the way you would want your business to be perceived. Secondly, consider the business motto that is behind launching the blog. If you want it to be a selling platform add click to action. If you want to gather the data and analytics, ensure you have used the right codes and tools. If your focus is mainly on brand building and promotion, social platforms are a great way to achieve it.


Add plugins and Widgets:

Creating a blog is not enough, we need other functionalities for it to run in a manner that we want it to be. Thus, plugins are the third party software which provides the individual functionalities which are not provided by the blogging platform. Plug-in like image galleries, SEO Yoast and banner rotators are some of the best ones. Widgets helps in altering the sidebar of the content without actually changing the website code.

Research your Content:

You need to be very original with your content. It would be more meaningful if you add some facts and figures to your content. Do not take the audience for granted. Read more and more before jotting down the content. Do mention the sources if you have picked it up from other website. Let your readers feel your hard work when they visit your blog. You can also read some of the competitors’ blogs and find out their way of blogging. Do add images to your content. Visuals matters!

Add Social Media icons and Newsletter subscription:

Everything fails if you do not have public to appreciate it. You might have written excellent content, but you haven’t taken efforts to reach it to public. Social Media is the most strongest marketing tool to capture the audience at a single go. Do not forget to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, stumble-upon and so on. Let your new visitor be your permanent visitor. Give an option to subscribe to your blog. The subscribers will automatically receive the updates whenever you post something on your blog. The most important thing is to submit your article to Webmaster tools for it to be crawled.

If you still haven’t conceived the idea of blogging, start thinking about it.

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