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Most popular WordPress plugins to use

November 15, 2013

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for making a new website. One very popular feature of WordPress is its plug-in architecture, which allows users and developers to extend its abilities beyond the core installation. WordPress plugins are available to help your WordPress site when it comes to SEO, Security Usability, and functioning […]


Best ways to Speed up your WordPress site

September 11, 2013

WordPress sites are very popular with lots of information on them and they are all fighting to be at the top of the search engines. Site speed is an important ranking factor with Google or any search engine. Google takes speed into account while ranking you in the search results. Your website’s speed affects your […]


Cache Methodologies in WordPress

August 9, 2013

If you use WordPress as your web presence and are concerned about speeding up your website, then caching will help you a lot. For WordPress users, the easiest and quickest way to implement a caching system is by the use of a WordPress plug-in. One excellent thing with WordPress is, it has got a plenty […]


Ways to improve WordPress Safety and Security

July 15, 2013

WordPress is the most preferred blogging and CMS system on the web. This is also disadvantageous as it becomes an easy target of hackers. People say WordPress is Secure, its hundred percent correct but its secure if you are aware of how to make it secure. Having a WordPress web site means you’ve got to […]


Benefits of WordPress development

June 10, 2013

In present day, the costs associated with building, developing, maintaining a website can become a drain to business owners. “I can’t update my website myself; it is an additional cost to me. It’s a familiar cry of frustration for business owners. Not only small companies don’t choose WordPress but many well-known  business owners choose WordPress […]


Why WordPress is great?

May 9, 2013

Having online presence for your business is more and more important in today’s world. Whether you need the website for your business or as a professional who wants an online portfolio or blog to generate enquiries for any products & services, WordPress is the way to go. WordPress is a fully open source content management […]