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Why everyone needs a Responsive Website?

May 2, 2016

An online presence is a must these days and nothing can be better than a responsive website. A responsive website customizes itself as per the layout of the screen, thereby gives an access to the user no matter which device he/she is using. The user experience matters alot for a business brand. Here are few […]

Mobile friendly website

Tips to design a mobile friendly website

November 19, 2015

One can see a tremendous increase in the purchase of smart phones these days. India has out-numbered most of the countries in terms of the sales of mobile phones. Think about a day without your cell phone and you would lose your mental balance. We are social animals and cannot afford to stay aloof from […]

mobile optimization

Mobile Optimization and SEO practices

October 29, 2015

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives and it consumes most of our time. Smart phones these days have become a major source of information. No longer people are dependent on tablets, laptops or desktops to toggle for information. This has raised a need for mobile optimization. The site design, structure, page-speed and […]


Responsive Web Design – the need of the hour

October 23, 2012

Are we trying to reach out all the potential customers? Can the possible Customers notice you from Mobile devices? Can the customers submit business queries and complaints from their mobile devices? Do you have to maintain separate versions of your websites for mobile, tablet and computers? All these questions demands an answer. Undoubtedly, nowadays we […]