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Black Hat SEO Techniques and it’s impact

April 15, 2015

We all are aware of the impact of SEO on our rankings. The world is very competitive and we need to use modern tools & techniques to sustain in the market. There are both ethical and unethical ways of doing things. White Hat SEO techniques are the ethical ones to increase your page rank whereas Black Hat SEO Techniques are unethical. You will be involving a lot of risk if you are opting for Black Hat SEO Techniques. The following are some of the Black Hat SEO Techniques:



When you set 2 different content, one for the users and another for the crawlers, a cloaking issues occurs. Your actual keywords and contents are entirely different to the users and the crawlers. This might give a hint to the search engines about the usage of unethical Techniques. Your site may be completely banned or the page rank might come down. If you are planning to fool Google, remember they are the creators.

Keyword Stuffing:

I agree keywords are important for the content. You may use it calculatively, but repeating it often will lead to keyword stuffing. You may use synonyms instead of  the keywords, but do have a control over it. Keywords are the sure means of letting the search engines know about the relevancy of the content to the user’s search. Google recommends the keyword density to be between 2-5%. Do stick to it.

Paid Links:

We all need high quality backlinks from other sources. Google appreciates fresh and relevant content and believes in giving the the best services to the users’. The links can be one way link, two way link or three way link. Any paid links will not be entertained by Google as it is against the policy.

 One Way Link: When the link is one sided i.e. either incoming or outgoing from one source.

Two Way Link: When there is an exchange of link from both the sources. However, it is not recommended.

Three Way Link: A is a company and has one more company named as C. A gets a backlink from company B and gives a backlink to Company B via Company C. This forms a three way link and is quite acceptable.

Article Spinning:

Article Spinning is a technique wherein the original content is re-edited and rephrased to form a new content. Rewriting an article is basically a form of duplication. Google prefers original and unique content to present more information to the users. Article spinning will ruin the authenticity of the original writers and also will not be upto the mark in terms of information. Writing an original content requires time and creativity, but will yield the results. Go the organic way!

Doorway Pages:

They are the Spam Pages which are meant to deceive the search engines. When a user clicks on such pages they end up landing to entirely different pages which have no relevancy to the keywords. This is done with an intention to increase the ranking of the site. However, the possibilities are that you might be caught and be penalized forever.

Link Farming:

Their sole purpose is to deceive the search engines by indicating that you have a lot of link sites. The links may not be related to your websites. The link farming will not help you to generate the traffic. It is wise enough not to participate in link farming and thereby play safe.

There are numerous other ways to rank your website through a legal way. It is strongly advised not to follow the Black Hat SEO Techniques if you are looking for a long term result. The penalty is higher and it might be at a huge cost to the business. Think twice before opting for it!

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