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Best White Hat SEO Techniques

January 8, 2014

Search Engine Optimization is a script which helps to find out the information based on the keywords. When a user feeds his keyword on search engine platforms, the algorithm starts functioning and picks up the relevant or matched keywords. This happens in a fraction of second. Next time, when you are surfing the net, do think about it. You will be amazed to know the speed of the algorithms. There are various tools and techniques to make your SEO effective.

SEO Techniques:


Black Hat SEO Techniques: These are the short term techniques which can fetch you results in a short span of time. They save your time as well as money. However, black hat techniques are illegal and aren’t accepted by Google. You might be risking your website if you are opting for these techniques.

White Hat SEO Techniques: Slow and steady wins the race and White hat techniques functions in a slow manner. They are time consuming and little expensive compared to black hat techniques, but are effective. Google prefers white hat SEO techniques and prioritizes them. The following are some of the best white hat SEO techniques:

Quality Content:

Content is the king and people surf to get more information. Imagine all the websites having the same content, i guess we all would have stopped surfing and Google would have banned all the sites except a few. But this is not the scenario. Millions of sites are created everyday with a promise to throw new and unique information to the users. These sites will only be preferred by Search Engines if they have keyword centric content. The traffic will increase only if you offer something to the web users. We all experiment and stick to couple of brands in our regular lives, don’t we? The similar rule applies on websites. Your business will flourish if you succeed to retain the visitors. Ensure that you provide relevant and clear content. Do not try to confuse the readers. Remember, Content is the King!


Meta Data and Titles:

Having a good content and ignoring the titles and meta data is as good as not having a content. A title represents your content and is the face of an article. Use a catchy and meaningful title which will force the users not to miss your site. Do not use lengthy titles, keep it short and apt. 70 characters as a title is acceptable by Google. The meta description should be within 160 characters. It is a gist of your entire content. The keywords are the meta tags. It can be unlimited but should be relevant to your business. The title and meta description should also contain the keyword.

Effective Keywords:

The whole SEO revolves around the keywords. The sites are displayed by search engines based on the basis of keywords. Be choosy when you set your keywords. Research thoroughly about your business keywords and filter them. Though there are no set rules on the number of keywords, yet it is better to use effective ones. You can use Google Keyword Search tool to help you in deciding your keywords. It will display all the relevant keywords, the competition involved and the number of searches. Put yourself in the shoes of a user and think if you would visit the site for the set keywords. Repeat your keyword in almost all the pages but do not stuff it.

HTML <H1> – <H6> Tags:

There are altogether 6 HTML tags used for content purpose. The H1 Tag is used as header tag and must be used for the headings of your paragraph. It is given more importance in SEO Process. There can be only one H1 Tag in a page. The other tags ranging from H2 TO H6 can be used for lesser important keywords.

Inbound Links:

Backlinks are the best way to increase your Page-rank. Higher the number of inbound links, higher is your credibility. If you receive a backlink from a high PR and quality website, it will have a positive impact on your rankings. Do not ruin your credibility by allowing unrelated sites to link you. Always prefer quality links over quantity.

Hope this article has been informative to you. Do let us know if you need any assistance in optimizing your site. We are SEO experts and have a strong grip on various tools and techniques. Contact Us!

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