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Best Social Media Analytics Tools

September 10, 2015

Google Analytics:

It is a great resource for generating analytics report for your website. It is user friendly and can be easily followed even by a layman. You need to generate the code and place in your website. Once it is verified  Google will start tracking your website. Google analytics is a free tool and one can experiment with it without shelling out any extra cash. Google Report is a feature of Google Analytics which will allow you to determine the conversion rate of visitors from the social sites. You can also analyze how the visitors from different social sites behave on your website. The “Activity Stream” shows the real time visitors on your site.


Moz Analytics:

It was earlier known as SEOmoz. It is the most opted analytical tool in the digital market. It has a wide approach to digital marketing and gives an insight on all the aspects of the site. It provides a platform wherein your marketing efforts and social statistics can be simultaneously viewed on the dashboard. It helps in easy comparison. We all are aware of the power of social Media tools. Moz allows you to analyze the impact of social media on your search engine optimization process. It also recommends you various methods to improve your marketing efforts and rise up to the competition level.


There are many social media platforms where a brand has to manage it’s presence. It is difficult to have a check on these accounts separately. The hootsuite bus allows you to handle all your social media accounts in a single dashboard. It also gets deeper with your social media activities and analyzes it using their own set of effective tools. These insights can be later used to frame the marketing strategies.


If you are too frequent with your posts and tweets, Buffer would be your right choice. It helps the brand to optimize the publishing time and maximize your customer engagement. There are times when we assume that our social media tactics are correct and it would get us the desired result. However, the case may be opposite as well. Buffer provides you the in-depth details of what is favorable for your brand in social media and what is not. They have customized plans for all scales of businesses’ which will help you to understand their social media activities.


If you are a giant organization and have global presence, opt for Brandwatch. It is apt for international reach. Dog Listening supports 25 languages and analytics can be easily carried out. It has specialized tools that can monitor all the conversations across all the social media networks. It has a special algorithm that ignores the Spam and considers the real conversations that matters to the brand. It has more than 70 million data sources which makes it one of the most sought after social media analytics firm.

Thus, choose your analytics partner and get the best out of them. Do share your experience with us.

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