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Best Off Page SEO Techniques

October 8, 2014

Search Engine Optimization is booming and so is the essence of digital marketing. The following are the best Off Page SEO techniques which must be used to increase the web traffic:


Search Engine Submission:

Submit your website link to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once the link is crawled, chances are there that it will appear in the search results. This is the first step for your higher rankings.

Directory Submission:

There are a lot of web directories available online. You can choose niche directories or high PR directories and submit your link there. You will have other features wherein a brief company description and contact details can be mentioned. This plays a very important role and the description must be very meaningful. Directory submission really works, but takes a longer time. If your budget permits, you can also go for the paid directories.

Social Bookmarking:

It is a great tool for saving and organizing your bookmarks. Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Reddit are some of the most popular social bookmarking sites. They are highly effective as they focus on content and their updates are frequent. Submit your web link, blog post link and pages link to the social bookmarking sites to keep the search engines updated. The keywords should be highly effective as they are directly proportionate to the web traffic.

Local Listings:

Be locally perfect than being globally advanced. Submit your site link to the local business listings and get the desired attention. Sometimes local listings can fetch you better results than the global listings. Google, Yahoo local, Yellow pages, Google Maps and so on are some of the effective local listings. Be clear with your keywords and ensure there is no fault in the contact details.

Article Submission:

If you have your own articles, why not share it with others and grab some eyeballs to it. There are many Article Submission sites wherein you can post your original articles. All you have to do is create an account and just share your articles. This will help you to popularize your website and gain more traffic. Example: Ezine, Go Articles and Now Public.

Social Networking Sites:

Create a facebook page, be active on twitter through your tweets, have a Google+ profile, use LinkedIn and share images through Pinterest. These social media platforms are widely popular and are mostly followed by the public. Gone are the days when customized marketing plans were carried out depending on the target group. Today, these social networking platforms can cater to the entire mass in a single go.


The best way to connect to your audience is through blogging. Ensure that you add new articles and posts to your blogs. This will help you to attract a lot of visitors and also decrease the bounce rate. Blogs are also a way to get your pages get crawled easily. This is another way of appearing in Search Engine Result Page. You can also visit other blogs and leave a comment on their articles with a link of your website.

Answering the questions:

Do participate in answering the questions posted on reputed platforms. Yahoo answers is a great example to it. Answer the questions and leave your link in the source form. It will build your reputation and also allow the users to reach your website easily. Ensure that your answers are apt and meaningful. Avoid spamming!

Image sharing:

If you are using original images, have your site link as watermark and share across the image sharing sites. Some of the popular image sharing sites are Flickr, Picasa and Photo-bucket. These sites will serve as a platform for increasing your online presence.

Video Marketing:

Create a video of your company and services that it offers and share on video marketing sites like YouTube and Vimeo . Create a channel and add the necessary details. Do not forget to share your link.

Follow these simple Off Page SEO Techniques and get your website recognized.

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