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Backlinks and their impact on websites

March 4, 2014

Backlinks plays a major role in building the credibility of the website. Higher the number of backlinks, higher is your credibility. Backlinks are the backbones of SEO process.



Backlinks are the links that directs a user to a website or a blog. They are categorized as Inbound links and Outbound links.

Inbound links:

When a third party refers your website on his site, it forms an inbound link. It is an incoming link to you, hence generates more visitors to your site. Higher the number of inbound links, higher is your authenticity with the audience. Google gives importance to these backlinks and thus they serve as a major factor in page rankings of a site. But, one has to be very careful with the quality of backlinks that the site receives. Google penalizes for low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Beware!

Outbound Links:

When you direct a link to another website, it forms an outbound link. If you have millions of visitors on your site and you want to provide them with more information, you can always opt for outbound links. There are users who look for specific information and it is impossible to add all the details on your site. You cannot afford to lose a user, it is always better to use a hyperlink. This will definitely build trust among the users.

Factors to be considered for backlinks:


It is very important to get backlinks from relevant sites. For example, if you run an educational site and you receive a backlink from matrimony site, it will be considered as spam by Google. These two websites have no connection at all, hence it will mislead the web users. Google will penalize your site by lowering the rank.


Backlinks are a way to build trust not only with your audience but also with Search Engines. If you receive backlinks from trusted websites or say domains such as .ORG or .EDU, there will not be any second thought on your credibility. People have voted them as the most trusted source of information, thus backlinks from such domains can add value to your business.


The quality of a site must be considered for backlinks. A higher PR is an indicator of quality. You can do a background check of inbound backlinks. All the pages should have been indexed, Spam websites to be avoided, Copyscape passed content and high Google & Alexa Rank are all indicators of high quality site . Do consider these factors for your backlinks.

Importance of backlinks:


There is a  tough competition to get a higher Page rank. A good rank speaks volumes about your website and it is a great promotional tool. A lot of factors are considered before Google ranks your page, hence higher PR indicates trust and authenticity. If you get backlinks from a good PR site, there are ample possibilities of your site getting a better rank.

Indexing your site:

When a new site is formed or new pages are created, it has to be crawled by Google. The sites will show up in search results only if it has been indexed. Google indexes the site only if the content in original & relevant, keywords are not stuffed, nil poison words and other qualitative factors. If you receive backlinks from high PR site, Google will crawl it in no time.

Search Engine Rankings:

The entire purpose of optimizing a site is to get a higher search engine rankings. Backlinks are a great way to increase the rank. When you receive backlinks from high PR and quality site, it paves a way for your site as well. The opposite happens when you receive backlinks from a poor quality site. Thus, one has to keep a constant check on the backlinks, both inbound as well as outbound links.

If you haven’t received any backlinks for your site, re-check your site and make the necessary changes. Try all the possible ways to increase your backlinks and get ranked high.

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