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Are Videos good for SEO?

February 9, 2016

Are Videos good for SEO?

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A lot has been talked about SEO these days. Every firm is trying to be SEO friendly. Google ain’t sitting quiet! They have made changes in guidelines and have launched many algorithms that will prevent spammers to get ranked. Google appreciates only genuine and original content. Videos have become an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization. They are far more effective and engaging than the mere content.  Here are some of the reasons to substantiate this point:

Videos can help you to stand out:

The competition in the business world is high. The marketing tools are used wisely by all the brands. One has to strategically plan and use the tool that is effective for their business. Videos are equally generating great results. YouTube is a part of Google and it is a great platform to upload the videos. This gives an added advantage to the users. Higher the number of visitors to your video, better is your rank in search engines. The keywords, attention grabbing title and description of the video plays a vital role in gaining traffic. If you focus on these things, your brand will definitely stand out from the rest.

High Conversion Rate:

You can add videos to your website or share the video link on your site. This will allow the visitors to spend more time on your website. It will also lead to trust building. Every step in the digital world matters. The quality and content of the videos have high influence on the purchasing decision of the customers. Authenticity and trust can lead you to a higher conversion rate.

Video transcripts can be indexed by Google:

If you are looking for a better way to get indexed by Search Engines, video transcripts can be apt. All  you need to do is transcribe your video and add the text as HTML code in the place where the video is hosted. You can also add additional sharing options for the visitors. This is a sure way to get indexed easily and gain publicity.

Videos can be shared easily:

We live in the world of likes and shares. The social media world has ruled our lives and we are so addicted to it. There are videos that people have highly appreciated and has gone viral as well. Videos can be shared easily on Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms that are highly popular. All you need to do is create a meaningful and unique video. Request people to re-share your video.

Videos helps to tap second largest search engines:

Yes, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is a Google initiative and thus gives you an added advantage to get noticed by Search Engines. YouTube attracts a lot of audience on regular basis. More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded everyday, giving people what they are looking for. Thus, videos stands a better chance to get a huge traffic. Ensure that your title is catchy, has proper keywords and contains relevant description. This will help search engines to understand your video and index it quickly.

Thus, videos are definitely a boon to the Search Engine Optimization process. If you are yet to create videos for your brands, do get into the process. You can either hire the professionals or start creating on your own.

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