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Steps for brand building on Social Media

May 9, 2012


Social media is a powerful brand building tool, however it’s a difficult beast to master. With such a lot of different platforms to use and ways to send messages across, it’s necessary that you simply have a transparent strategy and a couple of tricks to run any social media campaign. The following are the steps for brand building on Social Media:

Consumers hunt for various things from completely different brands. Before you begin any campaign, make sure you recognize precisely what your target market audience is finding out online and what they want from you. Compile a list of keywords or phrases to search on Twitter that coincide with your products or services. Then match the language you use and the offers you share with what you find.

Choosing the Right Platform:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other such social media platforms charm different audiences. Twitter, as an example, may be a versatile platform that any business will get benefit from despite the 140 character limit. Facebook, however, is often higher suited to fashion, food, sports, and diversion brands. Of course that’s not to say you can’t use both or several platforms, but don’t spread yourself too thinly. It’s better to use one platform that really makes an impact rather than using several unsuccessfully.

Keep your Content Fresh:
No matter how relevant your content is to your brand, if all you’re doing is re-posting news articles and pieces from existing sources, engagement levels are going to be low. Recognize the potential of the organic content that your brand produces, be it articles, white papers or journal posts, and mix it up with research & analysis materials like trade news and topics. Photos, videos, snippets, calls to actions and seasonal profile updates all facilitates to keep your content fresh. Create a content strategy and continue with it.

Engage your Audience:
Without a loyal following of brand advocates, your social media won’t have an impact. Building that initial following is one thing, however managing them is difficult. Engagement is essential to this. Stick as closely as you can to the ‘Serve, don’t sell’ philosophy. Don’t simply speak at your audience and go for the hard sell. Strike a healthy balance between posting new content and ‘How to Build Your Brand on Social Media’ connecting along with your audience by replying to their comments, asking new questions or starting competitions. This could assist you to keep your existing audience happy and attract  new followers.

Build a Network:
Never forget that social media is a ‘network’. The more you ‘follow’, ‘like’ and interact with other relevant companies and industry leaders, the more likely you will build your presence across all platforms. Mentioning and highlighting others in your updates also works wonders in gaining re-tweets, likes and shares later on. Add value to the online conversation and expose yourself to their audience by commenting on their blogs, following them on twitter and occasionally re-tweeting their content.

Incentivise Brand Loyalty:
Give your audience a reason to move together with your social media pages by providing special promotions or business tips that they can’t notice elsewhere. Make sure they have a reason to keep coming back for more. Running innovative campaigns including re-tweet competitions on Twitter, photo contests and giveaways on Facebook are proven crowd-pullers. Creating tabs on your Facebook fan page for games or quizzes, your fans can take part and enhance the interaction and increase ‘likes.’

Add Personality:
Don’t forget that social media is ‘social’ naturally. You’re interacting with humans, therefore maintain that human component. Stand out by mentioning easy things like what’s occurring in your workplace, glimpses of what your company is upto, debates/ conversations among team members, highlight team members and amusing updates. These all will  contribute to construct a powerful online brand.

Be Transparent:
Most of all, social media allows your brand to be transparent and remain impartial. Consumers love honest and candid brands. Celebrate the culture of your brand’s home industry. See this as a chance to permit your followers to attach with what your brand represents – be it a lifestyle, philosophy, or the inspiration behind your brand. Not only will this increase their confidence in engaging with your brand above your competitors’, but it will help to build the overall trust between you and your audience.

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