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7 Best Content Writing Tools

March 25, 2015

Content Writing is an art. Be it blogs, web content or other forms of writing, it requires a lot of effort to put the ideas into words. Every writer has their unique writing style and getting connected to the readers. Writing is time consuming in nature and one has to very careful with every single word that conveys a meaning. One has to be grammatically correct and provide error free content. It is always better to opt for some online tools that can save time and money. It will also help you to widen your vocabulary and add more weightage to the content. The following are some of the best content Writing Tools:


It is one of the most widely used content management tool. It has many features and is user friendly. Blogs are the most common platforms to express your ideas in the form of words. The writers can easily create a site, choose a relevant theme and get started with blogging. The images can be easily uploaded. There are various widgets and plug-ins that can make your task more easier. If you have flair for writing and are still thinking to begin with it, try WordPress.

Google Alerts:

Google have solutions for all your problems, isn’t it? Think of a situation where you were out of ideas and have been asking people to help you out with some content. You don’t have to struggle anymore with Google Alerts. All you have to do is sign up for their services and feed the keywords that are relevant to your work. You will automatically receive an update whenever any new content is updated about your desired keyword.

Keyword Planner:

No matter how creatively you write, your write-up is of no use without a keyword. Keywords must be a part of your content as the whole SEO process revolves around the keywords. Be choosy with your keywords and remember not to stuff it. The keyword density should be between 2-5 percent and stuffing will give you negative points irrespective of the quality content. Keyword planner will help you to plan your types of keywords and the importance of it. It is a free service tool by Google and it’s worth a try!



Looking for great quotes which are relevant to your article? Do visit brainy quote as they have a great collection of words and quotes of many great personalities. You do not have to wait and scratch your head for quotes. It is again a free website and can be easily accessed.


This tool has a unique feature. It allows you to upload images and add icons to it whenever the user drifts on it. You can text, share, view and link using the icons.


You will be labeled as a Spammer if you frequently repeat your keywords. It is wise to be in good books of Google and follow their algorithms. Thesaurus.com will help you out with synonyms and other related terms which can be a substitute for your keywords. The Hummingbird looks for related terms to the users’ query and responds accordingly. Thus, it is better to tune your content according to the hummingbird.


It is always better to understand the words and terms before adding to your content. This will add to your knowledge and will also give a great impression to the readers. You don’t have to invest a lot of time digging on the words. Reference.com is a great information reference.

These 7 Best Content Writing Tools will definitely hone your writing skills and bring the best out of you. Let’s begin!

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