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5 ways to attract Traffic to your website

December 19, 2013

The world is going digital and so are the businesses’. The physical presence is slowly shrinking and the virtual world is expanding to engulf the entire market. Technology has advanced to make life more comfortable, resulting in an increased number of website users. New websites are born every day, each one trying to be better than the other. A survey by Netcraft in 2012 reveals that the total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million i.e. 1,40,000 per day. Surprising, isn’t it? These websites needs to be given life once they are created. Unfortunately many of them do not sustain for longer time due to the lack of visitors. Traffic is the major factor which decides the survival of a site. The following are the 5 ways to attract Traffic to your website:


Site Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is the most efficient tool to get your site visible and ranked. It is a major source of inviting traffic to the website. When a user searches for a particular keyword, one must ensure that their site is displayed by Google in the first page. A lot of time has to be invested to ensure that all the keywords and content has been crawled by Google. The site must be error free and the developers need to prioritize the On-page optimization process before going live.

Fresh Content:

The synonym for information in today’s era is “World Wide Web.” A click on the button can throw volumes and volumes of information within couple of seconds. As a user, we all seek for new information and knowledge. Your site will not be considered by Webmasters if the content is duplicate or repetitive. Content is considered as King in the world of SEO, hence the freshness of the content must be prioritized. To build a loyal audience, ensure that your site has great and efficient content. You must also have a check on Title tag, meta tag and the description. Do not cross the character limit.

Go Social:

Yup, I mean it! Social Media is the most reliable source of promoting your website and luring visitors. A great content is always admired, but to make it visible one has to be proactive. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram are some of the major social Media channels to prove your existence and be visible to the users. Twitter is ideal for crisp and snappy links or updates. Google plus will assist your site to pop up in personalized search results. Create a Facebook page and feed it with regular posts and updates. Pinterest and Instagram are useful in image sharing. Being active on Linkedin is also a great way to boost the traffic.

Internal Linking:

Backlinks are definitely the backbone of off-page optimization. However, one shouldn’t miss the internal linking. There are numerous pages in a website interlinked with each other. Create 2 hyper-links per page, which will redirect the user to other pages of your website. It will not only fetch you loyal customers, but will also increase the time frame of the user on your website. Let the user have a great experience on your site.


One can seek help of paid tools to generate more traffic to the site. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great tool to get instant traffic. It is less time consuming and will get you more traffic when compared to free tools. The right marketing strategy must be adopted to suit the company needs as it is an expensive tool. The right keyword and budget must be ensured to optimize the promotional strategy. Define your objective before reaching out to your credit card. Are you targeting for higher conversion rates or are you looking for more traffic? Choose your paid channel depending on your requirements as each has its own pros and cons. Remember your budget!

Stick to these basic rules and let more and more visitors be a part of your site. Do get back to us in case of any query or assistance.

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