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10 most important SEO terms

July 10, 2014

Want to get into SEO but unaware of the technical terms used for website optimization. Here are the 10 most important SEO terms which you will come across frequently.



This is the most frequent term which you will come across while dealing with the SEO projects. The search Engine Results Page is the result that is been displayed to the users in response to a query. When you type a query in the search box, Google will instantly fetch you the results in the form of pages. The best ones would be shown in the first page and the remaining results will appear gradually on the other pages depending on their rankings.


The entire SEO process revolves around the keywords. Wondering what is this keyword all about? Well, keywords are  the words that denotes the purpose of the business. It exemplifies your brand, services or products. It can be a single word or a phrase comprising of 2 or 3 words. These keywords help the search engines to relate to your web pages. When a similar keyword is searched by the users, the search engine displays your web page in the search results. Thus, these keywords should be a part of your title, meta description and content. Let your content speak more about your product and services. Remember, not to stuff the keywords. Anything above a certain limit is always disastrous.

Meta description:

It is highly impossible for the users to read everything that is put on the Internet. There are millions and millions of websites sharing the information, the user got to be choosy with his clicks. To break this complexity, a brief description is required for all the pages which represents the further content of the website. This description or gist is termed as Meta description. The description should be unique, relative and informative. If you are longing for more visitors and clicks, emphasize on your keywords and description.

Crawling or Indexing:

When a new content is published on the Internet, the search engines need to keep a track of it. You would also want your website or articles to appear in the search results. To make this possible, the content has to be indexed or crawled. This is possible only when your data is stored in the database. Thus, Indexing is the process of collecting and storing the data in the databases of search engines. They will be retrieved as per the demand from the users. It is better to submit your links to Google Webmaster tool for crawling purpose.


Links are the backbones of any SEO project. There are 2 kinds of links – the internal and the external links. When the links are navigated to your own web pages they are termed as internal links.  The external links are further categorized as inbound and outbound links. When your web page is being referred by other sites, it forms an inbound backlink and when you refer to other web pages they form outbound backlinks. Backlinks are mainly for higher rankings and trust building.

Anchor text:

The Anchor text is basically the other name for hyper-linked text. When you choose a word and link it to other web page, the chosen word serves as an anchor text. It will allow the user to click on the word and gather more information on that particular topic. It is mostly highlighted and is blue in color. You can  add hyper-links within your internal pages or route it to other websites. Do not forget, these anchor texts do impact your rankings.

301 Redirection:

Remember the times when you search for a website and it says “ Page not found, or 404 error.” This happens when the new location of the site is not been upgraded in the digital world. When our site is under maintenance or if we delete some pages it has to be updated. 301 redirection will  redirect the user from the old site to the new location that you have specified. The greatest advantage of this code is that it will not affect your rankings during your maintenance tenure.


When you do not want to endorse the web pages coming from other sources, use Nofollow tag. This will help to maintain the standard of your site. If you do not wish some of the pages to be crawled by Google, you can add disallow tag. For example: Payment Gateways.


It is a feature by Google Webmaster wherein all the pages of a single website can be projected through a single map. This will help Google to index all the pages and also allow the users to know about the internal pages of the website at a glance.

RSS Feed:

It stands for really simple syndication. It is a subscription based method for your articles and blogs. Whenever a new content is being posted, the followers will automatically be updated. Set RSS feed for your website and increase the number of followers.

Next time, do not blink when you come across these SEO related technical terms. Do let us know if you have any query.

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