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Importance of Hyperlinks

February 12, 2016


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Ever wondered what does the underlined blue lettered words amidst a bunch of black text stands for? They are termed as hyperlinks which connects the words, phrases, websites to something similar to that of a hyperlinked word. It can be placed in a word document, website, spreadsheet or in any database infrastructure. The entire world wide web functions on the concept of hyperlinks. It makes the user’s’ task easier to collect information in a less span of time. Here are few reasons to include hyperlinks in your content:

Improves SEO:
There cannot be a single brand that hasn’t opted for SEO, after all we all desire to be ranked higher in the eyes of search engines. When you add hyperlinks to the anchor text, you are generating backlinks. It could be an inbound backlink or an outbound backlink. Google values your efforts if you have referred relevant sites. An inbound link will increase the user experience on your website and will also increase your page views.

Increases conversion rate:
Have you ever hyperlinked “call to action” words? When the call to action words such as “ Book now”, “Give a try”, “click now” and other such catchy terms are used, the user is lured to complete the formalities of a purchase. The user will directly be taken to the landing page where there are high chances of conversions. Nobody would like to take the pain of searching another page to subscribe your site or book your services. Thus, if you haven’t tried this trick yet, do add hyperlink to the call to action words. It will fetch you results instantly.

Increases page views:
Higher the time spent on your website, greater is your brand credibility. The search engine rewards the websites that has a high user engagement. The best way to keep the users on your site is to route them to other different pages of the website. If there is a relevant information about one particular topic on the other web page, do hyperlink it. The reader will have an impulse to browse through the other web pages as well. This will reduce your bounce rate and also increase your page views.

Increases credibility:
Yes, there are citations and references to be mentioned if you have taken some data from other sources. However, this process can be simplified by using hyperlinks. All you can do is hyperlink the anchor text directly to the original source. This will give a clue to the people that you have done your research thoroughly and are genuine with your facts and figures. The readers needn’t waste time in checking the references any more.

Gives a feeling of something more:
There are readers who longs for more and more information without wasting much time. There are times when you wish to add a lot much information on your website, but are unable to do so. Hyperlinks are the best ways to communicate to your readers that there is something more to the existing content. The interested readers can click the anchor text and land to the relevant page directly.

Thus, in the era of digital marketing, hyperlinks has a major role to play in creating your online presence and managing your online reputation. Have a check on your existing content and add hyperlinks to it.

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